Tips to make your business more sustainable

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Of all the issues facing businesses around the world today, the potential impact of climate change is perhaps the most important in the long term. As the effects become more visible, the days of deciding whether or not to “go green” are long gone.

It is now almost universally accepted that we all have a role to play in reducing emissions to limit global warming and save the planet from irreparable damage. Companies are a key piece to achieve this, and there are some easy changes that can be made.

Most companies have already taken steps to reduce their environmental impact, setting long-term and short-term goals to reach their goals. It is a common misconception that making changes is too costly for businesses when, in fact, going green has many benefits beyond meeting legal and moral responsibilities.

5 ways to make your business more sustainable

1. Reduce and control energy consumption

It is important to be aware of the amount of energy being used in order to identify areas that require change.

Perhaps the largest energy consumers in office environments are essential, such as lighting, heating and electrical appliances. If your building has many windows, take advantage of natural light and consider whether you need to have artificial lights on. A bigger change might be to replace old lighting with newer, more energy-efficient alternatives like LED units.

You can also consider the possibility of use laptops instead of desktops whenever possible to reduce energy consumption through the electrical network. Little things, like unplugging laptop chargers when not in use, will have a bigger impact on power consumption than you think.

two. Bet on renewables

To take it a step further, installing solar panels, wind turbines or geothermal systems will provide your business with free renewable energy for years to come, greatly reducing your company’s carbon footprint in the process. In systems such as solar panels, any voltage drop can cause a reduction in efficiency, so having schottky diodes and rectifiers can be a good option to rectify alternating currents.

Although the initial installation of these systems can be expensive, switching to renewable solutions can save your business big in the long run.

3. reduce waste

Each company produces different amounts of waste, regardless of its sector or size. What matters is how to reduce what they produce, be it cardboard, plastic or even electrical items.

According to Evergreen IT Solutions, 34% of electronic waste comes from computer sources, so it is essential that companies do their bit. To ensure your computers are recycled correctly, consider using dedicated recycling sources that dispose of your old products correctly, preventing any toxic waste from reaching the environment. Another option is to donate your old computers to local charities that provide free computers to disadvantaged families, which is especially helpful at a time when so many people work and learn from home.

Four. Use sustainable materials in your products, packaging and marketing

Another way your business can be more responsible is to use sustainable packaging. There’s a lot options out there for companies looking to improve their packaging methods: cornstarch containers, recycled paper and cardboard, organic fabrics… and many more! Minimizing the amount of packaging you use is a great first step in becoming a more sustainable business.

5. Use local and sustainable suppliers/partners

Sourcing locally has many benefits, including improving your company’s environmental impact as carriers don’t have to travel as far. It’s also a great way to take advantage of opportunities available in your area: you never know, maybe a local company has developed just the product or solution your business needs. Partnering with local vendors can also do wonders for your business brand and is great for supporting your local community.

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