They reveal what happened to the Nintendo Switch Pro despite expectations

Does the Nintendo Switch turn off without warning?  Nintendo gives you this warning

The Nintendo The Switch Pro looks a lot like a mythological animal: no one has seen it but everyone is talking about it. The console has been appearing in specialized forums for a long time to promise superior hardware compared to the original hybrid console. It would be logical to think something like this for Nintendo to face PlayStation and Xbox, but it is not like that for the executives of the Big N.

The latest information on the Nintendo Switch Pro points out that Nintendo managers did plan the improved version of the console, but the project ended up being cancelled. This is how the Digital Foundry channel assured that it contacted several Nintendo developers related to the canceled project of the Switch Pro.

The Nintendo Switch Pro It promised some changes such as a 7-inch OLED panel and improved hardware that would allow gaming at 4K resolution, as well as use DLSS technology. While all of this makes sense for Nintendo’s future competitiveness, management has opted for a new generation of consoles.

Most likely, we just have an idea of ​​​​the successor to the Nintendo switches in 2023. While current Switch hardware pales in comparison to competing consoles, Nintendo is still a bestseller and they’re in no rush to improve on the perfect hybrid console formula.

NINTENDO SWITCH | How to fix drift stick

Joystick drift is most commonly thought to be due to dust and dirt inside the device. You can open the gadget and do the cleaning yourself, but the bug will persist and you will be condemned to do the same process as many times as it takes… until you victorstk He gave salvation.

through his channel VK’s Channelthe youtuber explained that there is a second problem responsible for the drift of Joy-Con– The metal clamps that hold all of the joystick components together loosen, creating a gap between the metal contacts and the graphite pads, reducing contact and resulting in uneven behavior.

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