The new game from the creator of Silent Hill is nearing the climax of its development

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1 year ago, at The Game Awards 2021, the former head of Siren Y silent hill Keiishiro Toyama has finally revealed the first trailer for his next game, slitterhead. The news was very well received, but since then the information about the project

Although it was expected that in 2022 more details of the development of slitterheadthere were only 8 videos with developers and colleagues from Bokeh Game Studio, with almost no information about the game.

In the penultimate one, dating from 2 months ago and showing studio programmer Tatsuya Matsushita’s day, it was mentioned that the project was in an early development phase and that the development team had started testing. to help polish the quality of the final product, suggesting that it was far from ready and likely to debut until 2024.

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When will it be ready slitterhead?

Well, after so long without knowing about the game, today there is hopeful news. We say this because, as is customary, the Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Gematsu) interviewed Japanese studios to discuss their plans for the coming year.

As part of this event, Bokeh Game Studio founder Keiichiro Toyama took the opportunity to share an interesting update on slitterheadas he revealed that his production is approaching its “climax”.

It was not specified what this means, but it is clear that it is a sign that the project is still running smoothly and that it is approaching, although not the end itself, a crucial part.

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The development of slitterhead He has problems?

This is very important, because a couple of months ago a project programmer revealed that there were certain conditions that were compromising the development and that the study was looking for a way to resolve it at the administrative and management level in conjunction with the development level.

“The scale of the project, compared to our resources, planning or budget, I feel like it’s a little unbalanced right now, it’s kind of tight, in my opinion,” Matsushita said. “Our management is certainly aware of this.”

Unfortunately, there is no information on a definite release window or date yet, so we will have to be patient to find out about it.

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slitterhead It is in development, but without a defined release date or window. The platforms to which it will arrive have not been confirmed either. You can find more news related to him and Bokeh Game Studio if you visit this page.

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