They present new charges against Navalni for “extremism” and “rehabilitation of Nazism”

May 25. (EUROPE PRESS) –

The Investigative Committee of Russia has presented this Thursday six new charges against the influential activist and opposition Alexei Navalni, among which are charges of “extremism” and “rehabilitation of Nazism”.

A Moscow court has specified that this new accusation revolves around the accusations against Navalni for allegedly creating an “extremist community”, as reported by the Meduza news portal.

Investigators have indicated that, in addition, he has been charged with infringing the rights of citizens, financing extremist activities and involvement in dangerous acts, among other crimes. However, the date of the court hearing is unknown at this time.

Navalni has been detained since he returned to Moscow in January 2021, after recovering in Berlin from a serious poisoning suffered a few months earlier. Then, the Justice determined that he should enter prison to serve a sentence for fraud of two and a half years issued in 2014.

Last April, his team reported that he was subjected to a “mysterious” solitary confinement and could be “poisoned.” Her spokeswoman, Kira Yarmish, then expressed her concern about Navalni’s state of health and stated that he had lost eight kilos of weight in just two weeks.

Navalni and his team have denounced on several occasions that the Russian government seeks to achieve its disappearance little by little while attracting “less and less attention” from the population and the media.

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