They filter a working PlayStation Project Q controller

They filter a working PlayStation Project Q controller

Usually, PlayStation wait until you have the finished product to share images and videos; so it was with the presentation of the console PS5, which was expected more than necessary. However, in the most recent Showcase of the company, an accessory for the PS5 was announced that still does not have a name, it is only called Project Q.

It is a controller that maintains the Dual Sense controllers, but with a huge screen in the middle, which could project any game running on your console. There has been much speculation that it could be a competitor to the Nintendo Switch, to which Sony emphatically responded that it was not a portable console.

It’s just a special controller that will use a built-in monitor so you can play remotely but always connected to your PS5. In other words, you can turn on your console and go to another room to continue your gaming sessions.

How does the Project Q remote work?

Videos and photos of this controller in operation recently began to circulate on Reddit and Twitter. The user He claims to get his hands on the popular console accessory, but it wasn’t just a mockup, he also showed it working.

It has a strange operating system with different applications and an interface that may not be the final design. In turn, to show that it was a real product, he began to gut the device part by part.

It would have a QualComm chip and an Android operating system. As you can see in the following images, it is basically a DualSense controller split in two with a large interior space to place the hardware, and on the front there will be a tablet screen.

After these revelations, many more doubts arose regarding the operation, the operating system, which should emulate the one we have in the PS5 console, and also the size of the battery, if it will give 4 or more hours of gaming sessions.

At the moment, Sony has not ruled on the matter and it seems that until the product has no name, we will not know more about it.

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