Genshin Impact Art Contest Winners Cheated With AI

Fans violated the rules of the Genshin Impact art contest (image via reddit)

the community of Genshin Impact Once again, it is giving something to talk about not because of the game itself, but because of an art contest in which it was discovered that some winners cheated by submitting non-original or artificial intelligence works.

HoYoverse usually interacts with the community through contests and for the summer recently held the Lovely Summer fan art contest, in which fans could make illustrations of characters from the franchise and win prizes at the same time.

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The company would select 30 winners, who would take home $500 USD and merchandise valued at $150 USD. There would be another 10 winners who would receive merchandise worth $30 USD.

The results were announced on July 17, and it didn’t take long for fans to point out several winners who had violated the rules.

Fans used artificial intelligence to cheat in contest Genshin Impact

According to the community, some fans would not have been inspired by other users’ art, but would have made a drawing based on the silhouette of another, something known as tracing or tracing. On the other hand, there were supposedly other users who plagiarized or used artificial intelligence to create their works.

HoYoverse has not spoken about it in the official accounts for the West, but the Japanese account of Genshin Impact on Twitter he did address the situation, acknowledged the cheating and announced the sanctions.

Fans violated the rules of the Genshin Impact art contest (image via reddit)

“To ensure the fairness of the contest, we have decided to remove some of the works displayed on the results announcement page and cancel the eligibility of the participants to win the prize,” reads the Japanese Twitter account of Genshin Impact.

HoYoverse mentioned that there were other fans who simply withdrew their art on their own, which was taken as their giving up the awards. The company also stated that it will improve the selection process for future events.

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