The Xiaomi 12S will finally be exclusive to China

The Xiaomi 12S will finally be exclusive to China

During the launch of the new Xiaomi 12S, of which we have already been able to see the disassembly of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, we feared that the terminal was not going to have availability outside of China, something that meant that we did not have, for example, prices directly in dollars or euros.

Nevertheless, today we can read Phone Arena that the entire Xiaomi 12S range will be destined only for China, not being able to acquire through traditional channels in Spain or anywhere else, and therefore, having to resign ourselves to acquiring another terminal or import it through unofficial channels, through which we do not usually have a guarantee.

In principle, to be able to taste a Leica camera in a Xiaomi flagship we will have to wait until the Xiaomi 13S comes out, or whatever it is called, because the new tagline S can refer to its exclusivity in China, or simply be something that they are going to carry on with unchanged.

It should be noted that the Sony IMX989 sensor that we find in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra has been designed in conjunction between Sony and Xiaomi, so it is possible that part of its technology will be found in other company terminals later on.

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