The US delivers thousands of medicines to the most vulnerable population in Honduras

The US delivers thousands of medicines to the most vulnerable population in Honduras

In the San Nicolás neighborhood, belonging to the Honduran municipality of San Antonio, dozens of people wait outside a school. Taking advantage of the summer vacation break, these facilities have become an improvised medical center where, for many, it is the only way to access minimal health care.

This place is managed by the US armed forces and the Honduran Red Cross, who have joined forces and resources to carry out this humanitarian aid project in this area where the majority of the population is poor.

I think the community needs more people and more help.”

Cynthia Rodríguez has lived here her whole life. She lives far from the urban center and has practically no access to medicine or basic supplies. She and her three-year-old daughter can only benefit once a month from the health services provided in this place.

“It is an excellent job that they are doing. I believe that the community needs more people and more help, not only in the health area”, commented Rodríguez before the voice of america while waiting to be seen by medical personnel.

During the more than two years of the pandemic, many of these places have been inoperative due to biosecurity issues. Thanks to the vaccines, whose distribution here has been accelerated through donations from governments and other international organizations, this type of service has once again been offered to the most needy communities.

Zulein González is a member of the United States Air Force and has spent almost a year at the Soto Cano military base, which is a few kilometers from this school. She, who usually goes to this school to coordinate the distribution of medicines among people, recognizes that these people need a lot of help, especially after the health crisis.

“Due to the pandemic we have not been able to go out and help many, but we are seeing that all these people need a lot of help. That is why we are here”, he expressed.

The humanitarian aid that is allocated in this community of San Nicolás is also carried out in other areas of Central America, where access to medicine is really complicated, as Joel García, a volunteer from the area who also provides his services as a health worker, tells. .

“Most of these people live in remote areas of urbanization. So they don’t have easy access to medicine, good doctors, or even dentists. Nor can they go to someone who provides them with medical indications in case of need”, said the young man.

In recent days, the commander of the United States Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, taking advantage of an official visit to the military base, delivered a new consignment of medical supplies so that the population with limited resources can continue to maintain medical control.

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