The United States condemns the attacks in Tel Aviv and the West Bank and reaffirms its “enduring commitment” to Israel


US State Department spokesman Vendant Patel has condemned the terror attacks in Israel — which have claimed three lives, one in Tel Aviv and two in the West Bank — reiterating his country’s “enduring commitment” to ” the security” of Israel.

Through a statement, the spokesman regretted the “horrible attacks” that “have affected citizens of Israel, Italy and the United Kingdom,” he said, referring to the nationalities of the deceased.

“Targeting innocent civilians of any nationality is intolerable. The United States stands with the government and people of Israel,” he detailed. “We are in contact with our fellow Israelis and reaffirm our long-standing commitment to their security.”

An Italian tourist has died this Friday in Tel Aviv after being run over by an attacker who has also injured several other people, in what the authorities have described as a terrorist attack.

In addition, two British-Israeli sisters have been killed this morning in another terrorist attack, near the settlement of Hamra, in the north of the West Bank, where several attackers have shot at their car, also wounding their mother, who is in critical condition.

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