The story of Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro, his great love

The story of Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro, his great love

The moment they met Anna she was also free from any commitment, since she was divorced, but the charisma of Ferdinand encouraged her to say yes so that they would meet and who would tell her, to walk down the aisle together at a very intimate wedding in Cancun, Quintana Roo, in March of this year

For Ferdinand, Ferro She became one of the most important people in his life, since she was looking after him since they met, supporting him in very complex moments due to his illness, but also in happy moments like the one in which they swore to be together until the end. facing the Caribbean Sea.

“I owe him a lot (to Anna) because she has been a tireless companion in the bad times, in the worst, in the good times, she has been there. She has taken my hand and, well, let’s go together, ”the driver told the program in 2020 the sun rises.

The now widow of Solar She is Italian-Mexican and as a good practitioner of yoga teachings, she is passionate about nature, which she communicates to her 47.6 thousand followers on Instagram (in @annaferro8) their philosophy and beliefs, as in the framework of the recent Father’s dayin which he shared a very deep reflection on fatherhood.

“Dad gives you confidence, stability, success…”, he expressed. Ferro in a video, while accepting that mom “is abundance”; That’s why she felt so sad when next to Ferdinand shared the death of his father-in-law, barely on June 12. On that sad day for her husband and for her, he dedicated an emotional message to Norberto Cacciamani.

to the father of Ferdinand He thanked him for having been a fundamental piece for his love to become the man who also transcended today. “I’m going to miss those delicious roasts and everything you prepared, but more your bad jokes, which your son learned and also your grandchildren, who often do not understand anything,” he posted.

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