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The secrets of the SuperAgers, older with the brains of people 30 years younger

The secrets of the SuperAgers, older with the brains of people 30 years younger

The SuperAgers are considered super-elderly because they have a series of characteristics such as having cognitive processes of younger people. And, is that, you are old people They have younger brains than expected for their age, which translates into a memory and cognitive performance similar to that of 30-year-olds.

Usually, these superelders or SuperAgers are able to perform complex tasks such as solving puzzles or remembering important events with enormous precision. As this is an extraordinary situation, since, logically, brain processes decrease as we age, they have begun to study these super-elderly people.

Research on SuperAgers being conducted by cognitive neuroscientist Emily Rogalski try to find the secret behind the abilities of these people. By understanding the functioning of the brain of these people, it will be possible to understand the way in which agile memory can be maintained in old age.

In order to carry out the study, different elderly people who meet this category of SuperAgers have been sought. The data obtained is diverse and, in fact, Many are surprising, as is the case of Carol Seigler, who is a super-elderly woman from Chicago in the United States and who leads a completely normal life..

The SuperAgers or also known as superelders reveal the secrets of their brain

Many of the SuperAgers have extremely marked exercise, eating and life routines in order to get their mind to the highest level and avoid deterioration. This is not the case with Carol Seigler who, as she says, leads a completely normal life and that has not prevented her from having a superior memory.

Carol Seigler’s routine is based on waking up at a time she considers completely normal, eating a normal breakfast, and then exercising regularly to keep herself busy throughout the day. Come on, she doesn’t talk about superfoods like other people seniors in this study who also have a superior memory.

It may be that in the routine of complete and utter normality, Carol Seigler has found the secret to obtain a memory that works like that of a person 30 years younger. Yes indeed, This routine also involves continuous challenges to keep the brain awake and attentive at all times..

What is clear is that the memory and brain of these elderly people is enviable. The SuperAgers are a prodigy of nature and it seems that the only thing necessary to be part of this group of super old people is to keep your mind busy on a daily basis, have a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

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