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“Data Analytics”: The key to the digital transformation of Grupo Bimbo


The path of digital transformation

The company has understood that technological innovation is not an end in itself, but rather a tool to positively impact business objectives, which is why it has used it to improve processes and train its employees.

This is how the digitization strategy has been improved to optimize data analysis in the commercial area. With the implementation, processes have been improved and automated and the time of operational procedures has also been reduced, thanks to the considerable increase in productivity.

Along this path, Grupo Bimbo has endeavored to structure the data collected from the business to transform it into useful information to meet business goals.

For this, the company took Microsoft as a technological ally and thus be able to achieve more with less. They can have better data control and optimize with Microsoft Azure, likewise, build a new system, supported by Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics, with which they have achieved significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. Now your employees can quickly access data, scale it, and make informed decisions across the organization.

“For us, it is essential to support our clients in their journeys towards a successful digital transformation, developing solutions that help build intelligent business models and allow for the optimization of processes in a personalized way. This is why we are excited about our work with Grupo Bimbo, where The focus is on having the visibility and ability to take informed actions based on the data, in a safe and sustainable way”, said Rodrigo Kede Lima, president for Latin America and corporate vice president at Microsoft.

Data analytics to work better

One of the main purposes of using data analytics at Grupo Bimbo is to manage and understand the information collected throughout the operation. Together with Microsoft, the company has developed a tool that offers relevant metrics that allow it to be monitored.

“We want to use this transformation to achieve a great impact on product innovation through a strategy focused on the consumer, who for us is the most important thing,” says Pajón.

Digital transformation and business operations

At the beginning of 2019, the group identified the need to promote a digital transformation within its business operations, understanding that data was a key pillar to provide high-quality experiences to consumers. The system it had up to then did not take advantage of updated information, so Grupo Bimbo was looking for a new solution.

To transform its technological infrastructure, Grupo Bimbo developed a project in order to use the available information more effectively.

This with the aim of enriching frontline employees and empowering them with new capabilities. Thus, according to Pajón, decisions are driven exponentially and based on structured information.

“Digital transformation is not just about technology. An innovation-focused culture is required to lead the way when it comes to understanding how data and cloud are helping organizations like Grupo Bimbo navigate their digital transformation journeys and create disruption in an industry,” said Rodrigo Kede Lima.

In this sense, technology has the ability to help find and design better and more efficient processes to accelerate innovation in all industries. All this in line with the commitment to innovation that the company began from its foundation in 1945.

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