The sale of toilet paper prevailed in the Hot Sale 2022

The sale of toilet paper prevailed in the Hot Sale 2022

How much money did Hot Sale 2022 make?

Hot Sale 2022 generated 23,240 million pesos. The average ticket remained stable with respect to the previous year, reaching 1,629 pesos. 19 million units sold and 14.6 million purchase orders were registered.

Consumers reported that the main reason for buying during Hot Sale was promotions and discounts. The average online offer was 14%, which has remained stable for the last two years, and the discounts from 21% to 40% as the most purchased.

The category with the highest level of discount is Home, with 19%, followed by Electronics and Technology, where 62% of the promotional products detected are concentrated.

On the other hand, the reasons for buying in a physical store were immediacy, personalized attention and the experience inside the store.

Pierre Blaise, director of AMVO mentioned to Expansión: “We are very happy because the economic situation was complicated at the beginning of the year and many people had doubts about the Hot Sale. But I am glad that it has been positioned as an economic recovery event at a difficult time for the economy in Mexico.”

As for the payment methodscredit and debit cards continued to be the main online payment methods, while cash is preferred within the physical channel.

It was also noted that, in terms of terms of payment methodsBNPL (Buy Now Pay LaterBuy Now and Pay Later) was able to position and exceed the searches for MSI (Months Without Interest).

What did users buy in Hot Sale 2022?

Retail continues to lead with a percentage of 64% of total sales. The most purchased categories during the campaign they continued to be Fashion, Electronics, Beauty and personal care; and this year highlighted the interest in the acquisition of categories such as Furniture & Home and services in categories such as entertainment, lodging, finance and educational courses.

Refering to shopping experience, highlights that the 72% of shoppers make purchases for themselves, although shopping for pets grew compared to last year.

About the search termsInternet users search more generically, and Pure Players (businesses that sell only online) are the ones with the most searches the days before and during the campaign

On the other hand, Amazon reported that its best-selling products during Hot Sale 2022 were:

-Echo Dot 3rd Generation

-HUAWEI MateBook D15 Laptop

-Echo Dot 4th Generation

-PlayStation 5 Console – Standard Edition

– Lloyd’s Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

-Revlon Salon One-Step Dryer and Volumizer

-Fire TV Stick Lite

-L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum

-Nintendo Console Switch Neon 32GB Version 1.1 – Standard Edition

-Xbox Series X console

-Regio Aires de Frescura Toilet Paper, 200 double sheets, 32 Rolls

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