The “Routes” of Pokémon GO do not work! And why is there no solution even if you change your phone?

The "Routes" of Pokémon GO do not work!  And why is there no solution even if you change your phone?

The coaches of Pokémon GO! they are puzzled to find that they can’t create Routes or navigate them because the menu doesn’t work. What is happening with the Niantic video game? Does it have a solution?

The developers admitted that the new function of Pokémon GO! it has not been fully implemented. According to the reports of players on social networks, the launch of the Routes has been done in stages by coach levels. If you are one of the high level ones, you are more likely to receive the feature before a trainer with lower levels.

Niantic usually makes this type of launch to avoid saturation and check that the function works correctly. The problem, and the main complaint of the trainers, is that not everyone will have the same amount of time to complete the investigation. All About Zygarde.

There is nothing you can do to fix the error in your account Pokémon GO! if Niantic doesn’t move forward with the staggered release. Let’s hope the company extends the campaign so that all coaches have the same opportunities.

How to create Routes in Pokémon GO!

If you already have the feature, follow these steps to create your own Routes.

  • Select a PokéStop or Gym to be your starting point.
  • Press the “record” option to start mapping your route.
  • Complete the information about the route to send it for review and approval.
  • Once the path is approved, Trainers will have the paths available in Pokémon Go.

Official release of Pokémon Sleep

Pokemon sleeping Is available in Google Play of Android and app store of iOS from Sunday July 16, 2023.

“In the world of Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon with the same sleep type as you will gather while you catch some Zs, so discover all the different sleep styles Pokémon can have as you try to complete your Sleep Style Dex!”reads in the description of the application.

Remember that you will not have to spend anything on Pokemon sleeping, because it is a free application. Users who tested the beta anticipated that the app has a premium pass of $10 per month or $50 every six months for benefits such as unlimited access to sleep logs.

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