Destiny 2 fans unite to pay emotional tribute to Lance Reddick

In March 2023, some terrible news shook the entertainment medium. At 60 years of age, Lance Reddick, an actor who participated in video games as Horizon: Forbidden West, Quantum Break and destiny 2, he lost his life. This sinister shocked thousands of fans, who mobilized to pay their respects. Today, the tributes continue.

Since the news of the actor’s sensitive death came to light, the community has come together to share words of gratitude, respect and support. He also performed all kinds of tributes. The players of destiny 2For example, they gathered at the Tower to say goodbye to Commander Zavala, a character Reddick has played since 2014. A fan also created a beautiful commemorative statue.

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4 months have passed, and the fans of the multiplayer video game still show their respect. On this occasion, dozens of users joined forces to pay tribute to the actor on r/Place.

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Destiny 2 fans immortalize Lance Reddick on reddit

In case you didn’t know, r/Place is a community subreddit where users create works of art on a huge canvas. Here, people can place a pixel of a color every so often, so a concerted effort is required to create amazing and complex images.

On this occasion, fans of destiny 2 joined forces to create a beautiful and moving piece of art that honors Lance Reddick. The image includes the name of the actor and the following message can be read: “Per Audacia ad Astra”, which translated into Spanish means “through audacity to the stars”. This phrase is the motto of the game and the community.

In addition, there are other similar images that refer to the actor who participated in the multiplayer shooter.

Destiny 2 wall on reddit
Destiny 2 wall on reddit

This nice and selfless gesture shows that, despite the toxicity in social networks and forums is still a problem, the community of the Bungie title is very united and capable of collaborating for the greater good. Without a doubt, the absence of Lance Reddick left a void in the hearts of thousands of fans around the world.

But tell us, what do you think of this initiative? Let us read you in the comments.

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