The Raspberry Pi Foundation releases a Pi Pico W priced at $6

The Raspberry Pi Foundation releases a Pi Pico W priced at $6

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is responsible for launching the raspberrypi, some SBC (Single Board computer) computers that allow us, at a tiny cost, to have a fully functional team to perform tasks that would otherwise require a full team.

However, the foundation does not only make these types of boards, but also has a range of microcontrollers to which today a new model called Pi Pico W is added, a microcontroller based on the Raspberry Pi Pico that now features wireless connectivity courtesy of Infineon.

The foundation has added the Infineon CYW43439 wireless subsystem to its Pi Pico Walthough as indicated in the Press releasethe board does not yet have functional Bluetooth connectivity despite the fact that the chip is compatible with both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy, ideal for IoT or battery-powered applications.

The Raspberry Pi Pico W is pin-for-pin compatible with the Raspberry Pi Picoso that we can use it in the same applications that we have designed for the non-wireless model, and expand its functionality simply with a software update on our part, that in the same way can be compatible with both versions of the board.

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