The Mana series turns 31 and celebrates it with gifts in its new game

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It is clear that Square Enix is ​​one of the leading companies in the old school JRPG genre and the main promoter in these times, as it continues to offer interesting proposals. Precisely one of its longest-running franchises that belongs to this genre turns 31 today and several surprises were revealed that will leave fans happy.

We are talking about Seiken Densetsubetter known as Manna in the West. The first title of the series, Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaidencreated by the team led by Koichi Ishii, went on sale in Japan on June 28, 1991 for the Game Boy and months later it came to Europe as Mystic Quest Legends. It wasn’t until 1992 that the game came to the West for the SNES as Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (curiously in Japan it was called Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest).

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In 2003, a remake debuted for the Game Boy Advance called Sword of Mana, which had another mobile remake in 2006, whose gameplay was more faithful to the original, but with graphic and sound improvements. A third remake went on sale in 2016 with the final name Adventures of Manawhich came to PlayStation Vita and mobile phones, so this version is the most accessible of all, as it is sold for $13.99 USD in the app store and in google play.

As its original name suggests, this franchise began as a spin-off of final-fantasybut managed to distance himself from it to such a degree that it became a new series, Seiken Densetsu in Japan or Manna in the West. Until today the series is made up of 15 installments, among which there are several main games, remasters or remakes and spin-offs, such as Echoes of Manathe free-to-play mobile title that debuted last April.

Square Enix celebrated the birthday of Seiken Densetsu with many surprises

Although Square Enix made a ton of video game announcements today, they didn’t miss the moment to celebrate 31 years of Manna and hosted an announcement-filled broadcast of the series, with a focus on Echoes of Mana.

Interestingly, the free-to-play mobile title is celebrating the second month since its global launch, so Square Enix took the opportunity to celebrate these 2 events with many gifts for players, including up to 3,100 Spirit Crystals (premium currency of the game) for multi-day login, an additional 800 Spirit Crystal if a Twitter quest is completed, a multiplayer stamp, level-up resources, and more.

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The Japanese actress who gives the voice to Angela, a character from Trials of Manaand it was not by chance, but the reason why she was invited was because there would be several announcements related to the character.

It was first revealed that there will be another version of Angela for Echoes of Mana and with this he will become the first character with 3 versions. The new one will be of 4-star rarity and fire element, which will join the other 2 already available, 3-star (fire) and 4-star (water).

What is striking about the new version is that it presents Angela with a new outfit inspired by one of Trials of Mana, apart from that it will have a new set of attacks and abilities. A new version of Julius, 4-star and fire element, was also announced, as well as another version of Mousseline, which will be 3-star and fire element.

Image: Square Enix

There will be plenty of collectibles from Manna either Seiken Densetsu!

That’s not all, perhaps the best thing about the event for collectors or fans of the Square Enix franchise is that the prototype of the most beautiful and expensive Angela figure to date was revealed.

In case you do not know, the only official figures that exist in the series Manna they are produced by Square Enix and are either Bring Arts (articulated) or static miniatures (which were part of the collector’s edition of the game). However, last year Square Enix announced a partnership with figure company Flare to make the IP’s most detailed and expensive first figure ever, and it was Riesz who had the honor of inaugurating what we now know will likely be a collection.

Image: Square Enix
Image: Square Enix

We say this because apparently the new Angela figure will be made by Flare. Unfortunately, not many details were offered, but taking into account the production period, everything indicates that the figure will not go on sale until 2023 and it is very likely that we will see the final model later in 2022, as well as the opening of the sales period. preorders.

Additionally, Square Enix revealed several collectibles, such as watches, cushions, stuffed animals from the series and even a sword, which it has for sale through your Japanese online store, which unfortunately does not ship to the West. However, the store North American and the european They also have some previous articles in the series.

Below we leave you with the event, available only in Japanese, as well as a gallery with all the relevant announcements of merchandise or collectibles.

This was revealed on the 31st anniversary broadcast of Seiken Densetsu either Manna

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