The Israeli Army announces the death of a second senior Hebzolah official in one day

The Israeli Army announces the death of a second senior Hebzolah official in one day

Hezbollah responds by firing Katyusha rockets at an Israeli headquarters near the Lebanese border


The Israeli Army announced this Tuesday the death of a senior commander of the Lebanese Shiite militia party Hezbollah for his responsibility in the rocket attacks against Israeli territory after an aircraft attack in southern Lebanon, and just a few hours later to confirm the death of another important leader of the group.

“The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have attacked and eliminated, using the Air Force in the municipality of Kfar Dunin, terrorist Muhammad Hosein Mustafa Shahuri, the commander of Hezbollah's rocket and missile unit. Hosein was responsible for planning and fire projectiles against Israel,” the IDF has published on its social network account X, formerly Twitter.

Also killed in the Israeli attack was Mahmud Ibrahim Fadlala, an operator of Hezbollah's missile and rocket unit, who issued two statements regretting the deaths, according to the Lebanese state news agency NNA.

Shortly before, the IDF had confirmed the death of Brigadier General Ismail Yosef Baz in the coastal town of Ain Baal in another attack by Israeli aircraft. Baz had participated in planning attacks with anti-tank missiles against Israel, where he would also have carried out sabotage actions in the last six months of renewed conflict on this war front as a consequence of the start of the military campaign on the Gaza Strip. .

In response, Hezbollah launched an evening attack with Katyusha rockets against a headquarters of the Israeli Army's 146th Division near the Lebanese border.

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