The French Prosecutor’s Office charges five rescuers for not helping migrants in a shipwreck in 2021

The French Prosecutor's Office charges five rescuers for not helping migrants in a shipwreck in 2021

May 25. (EUROPE PRESS) –

The French Prosecutor’s Office charged five rescuers this Thursday for failing to help a group of migrants during the shipwreck in November 2021 of a boat in the waters of the English Channel that left 27 dead.

In total, nine rescuers have been taken into police custody, while five of them have been prosecuted as part of an open investigation into what happened in November 2021, when the migrants on board the boat called the services up to 18 times. rescue, has picked up France TV Info.

The shipwreck, which occurred off the coast of Calais, occurred after the boat capsized during its passage through the Channel, an enormously dangerous route, especially in winter, due to the low temperatures and strong winds that hit the area.

The event raised the tension between London and Paris on account of the shared responsibility that both sides have. The migrants came to send their geolocation to the French Regional Surveillance and Rescue Operational Center about six times.

The French Prosecutor’s Office announced in June 2022 the arrest of 15 alleged human traffickers linked to the shipwreck. All the detainees were part of a human trafficking network in Afghanistan and appeared after the Taliban recapture.

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