The five most listened to Mexican singers on Spotify

Without a doubt, what is done in Mexico is well done and to prove it, there are singers whose music is heard in various parts of the world, which is why they have put the name of the country in style, that is why we want to share with you a list of the most listened to Mexican singers on Spotify.

It is worth mentioning that this list is based on the number of listeners per month, according to the metrics provided by the platform itself. Spotifyso we include various women, regardless of the musical genre they sing and within this count you will find women with impressive careers.

Another thing that you should take into account is that, although there are platforms where these same women may have different metrics, Spotify is the music streaming platform that most people have access to because its service is free, just enough download the app and you’re done.

Who are the most listened to Mexicans on Spotify

Julieta Venegas. Topping the list we have the singer and producer, who is cataloged as a “legend” of music in , in addition to being one of the most recognized artists worldwide, not for nothing is the most listened to Mexican on Spotify with 15 million 116 thousand 734 listeners per month.

Danna Paola. Our beloved Princess of Latin Pop accumulates 9 million 551 229 listeners per monthand it is that the Mexican singer and actress has several songs within the Top 200 of Spotify MX, especially those that make up her revelation album that is “KO” which she released in 2021 but which is the favorite so far.

Thalia. Although the beloved “Marimar” has lived in the United States for years, she has continued to make songs in and has reaped many musical successes, that is why she accumulates 9 million 256 thousand 148 listeners per month on Spotifywhere songs such as “I don’t remember” and “Since that night” stand out.

Natalia Lafourcade. We are talking about one of the greatest exponents of Mexican indie pop music, which has captivated millions with her characteristic timbre of voice that has made her win several musical awards, that is why Lafourcade accumulates 8 million 446 thousand 056 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Belinda. The singer of origin has had a controversial career, with several ups and downs, and despite the fact that she does not have a record company that supports her, the former princess of Latin Pop accumulates 8 million 325 thousand 854 monthly listeners on Spotifywhere he has great popularity with some collaborations such as “Love at first sight”.

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Jessie & Joy. Although the singer-songwriter Joy Huerta is part of a duet with her brother Jesse Huerta, we want to give her a special mention, since the vocalist has considerably influenced the duet to be one of the most beloved, with 10 million 228 thousand 551 listeners per month on Spotify.

We also leave you some other Mexican artists who are among the most listened to on Spotify:

  • Mon Laferte with 6 million 666 thousand 734 listeners per month
  • Ana Gabriel with 6 million 595 thousand 168 listeners per month
  • Paulina Rubio with 6 million 591 thousand 108 listeners per month
  • Ha Ash with 6 million 464 thousand 685 listeners per month
  • Gloria Trevi with 5 million 815 thousand 962 listeners per month
  • Ana Bárbara with 5 million 703 thousand 471 listeners per month
  • Carla Morrison with 5 million 273 thousand 719 listeners per month
  • Yuri with 5 million 252 thousand 160 listeners per month
  • Yuridia with 4 million 650 thousand 514 listeners per month
  • Alejandra Guzmán with 4 million 487 thousand 334 listeners per month
  • Ángela Aguilar with 4 million 422 thousand 520 listeners per month
  • María José with 3 million 929 thousand 448 listeners per month
  • Paty Cantú with 3 million 608 thousand 108 listeners per month
  • Ximena Sariñana with 3 million 459 thousand 130 listeners per month
  • Lucero with 3 million 054 thousand 812 listeners per month

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