The economic reopening leaves more income for the CDMX Metro

The economic reopening leaves more income for the CDMX Metro

For the January-March period, the STC had scheduled revenues of 1,052 million pesos, but registered 1,242 million, “the positive variation in revenues from the sale of services is explained by the increase in the demand for the service,” the report refers. of quarterly advance of the Secretariat of Finances of the CDMX.

What was reported in the period was 26% real higher than the 919 million pesos that entered the STC in the same period last year.

On the morning of Monday, July 4, the STC reported a short circuit on Line 2, between the Xola and Villa de Cortés stations. The head of Government of the CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum considered that it could be part of a sabotage to interrupt the service, the investigations of this fact are carried out by the Attorney General’s Office of the Mexican capital.

In January-March 2021, the STC was going through an income crisis, as it reported a shortfall of 47% less than projected, as an effect of the suspension of its service for a month from lines 1 to 6, derived from a fire in a control tower on January 9, 2021.

It also recorded less income due to the collapse of the elevated bridge of the Gold Line, which happened on May 3 of last year.

They spend less than budgeted

Despite the increase in own revenues, spending in the first quarter was lower than planned. For this period, the Ministry of Finance programmed an expense of 3,490 million pesos, of which it spent 2,694 million.

According to the Finance report, for this year an expense of 19,026 million pesos is estimated, of which 5,601 million will be for the payment of personal services, while 3,314 million are contemplated for spending on goods, furniture, real estate and intangibles. , and public investment and financial investment.

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