The country imports 1.9 million tons of wheat

The country imports 1.9 million tons of wheat

Although Colombia is a country that could have sufficient productive capacity in terms of agricultural management, one of the products that is mostly imported for human consumption is wheat.

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According to Pilar Ortiz, director of the Fedemol Chamber of the Colombian Entrepreneurs Association (Andi), in the country only there are 2,400 hectares cultivated with wheat which represents 6,800 tons of harvest produced. However, in order to meet consumption, “Colombia imports 1.9 million tons of wheat, which represents 1.3 million tons of wheat flour, and this fortified flour is mainly used as raw material for making bread and pasta.”

For the directive, wheat milling industry, must import 99.7% of the wheat that is used for the national production of wheat flour, used in bread, cookies, etc. In addition to the fortification of the product that by regulation in the country, “wheat flour contains vitamin B1 and B2, iron, niacin and folic acid, which provide the necessary nutrients for children and pregnant women, contributing to their nutritional health,” he said. the director.

In Colombia there are 40 milling plants located in Bogotá, Cauca, Atlantic Coast, Cundinamarca, Nariño, Risaralda, Santander and Valle del Cauca, where 1.9 million tons of wheat flour are produced for artisanal and industrial bread, 220,000 tons are used for cookies and 136,000 tons of pasta. By 2021, Colombia exported 69,700 tons of derivatives, which represented US$121.8 million.


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