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The CMF Phone 1 has a fabulous secret: you can print 3D cases on it

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The CMF Phone 1, the first phone from Nothing’s new sub-brand, is a real breath of fresh air. Finally, a phone for less than 200 euros (in Amazon’s flash deals) that I can recommend almost without hesitation. The almost is because it doesn’t have NFC or FM radio, although that’s not the issue to be discussed now.

It has been discovered that Nothing has publicly shared the exact dimensions of the cases, as well as the STL file with the 3D design of the same. This opens the door to something great: anyone can print their own case.

The key feature of the CMF Phone 1 is its interchangeable back. All you have to do is unscrew four screws to remove it and replace it with any of the company’s other models. The only drawback is that, at the moment, there aren’t many colours to choose from.

Designer DeerenGoneDigital shared on X a brutal concept of a mint green case, inspired by Pokémon cards. It was discovered that CMF had made public the plans for the cases, and that anyone could create their own.

Few hours ago, Carl Pei shared on the social network a post of what appears to be the first 3D printed case for this phone. A rather rudimentary version, but one that opens the door for other creators to experiment with this phone.

Being a proposal focused on the nerd world, we are convinced that we will see all kinds of interchangeable cases for this phone. And it is also quite clear that we will end up seeing small stores where we can get them.

Image | DeerenGoneDigital

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