Taliban Supreme Leader Mullah Akhunzadabul Rare Public Appearance

Other news of the day: in Russia they arrest a scientist accused of espionage in favor of the Chinese. North Korea blames the South for the spread of Covid-19. The appointment of the new Philippine foreign minister hints at a “more inclusive” foreign policy. Inflation skyrockets in Sri Lanka. Putin was not received by the authorities upon his arrival in Turkmenistan. In Belarus they arrest those who support Ukrainian refugees.


In a rare public appearance, the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Haibatullah Akhunzada, attended a meeting of local religious in Kabul. In his speech, he warned foreign critics not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, a country that has been under Taliban control since August 2021.


Russian authorities arrested scientist Dmitry Kolker for high treason. The man is accused of collaborating with the secret services of Beijing and was arrested in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, where he heads the local state university’s quantum optics laboratory.


According to the South Korean Unification Ministry, it is impossible for the Covid-19 spread to North Korea with leaflets dropped from the South by some North Korean defectors. Yesterday, Pyongyang declared that the wave of infections affecting the North Korean population is due to contact with “foreign objects”.


Ferdinand Marcos Jr appointed a career diplomat as External subjects minister. According to experts, the appointment of Enrique Manalo, 69, indicates that the new Philippine president intends to carry out a “more inclusive” foreign policy. Translated, it means that he will seek to find a balance in relations with the United States and China.


In the midst of a dramatic economic crisis, Sri Lanka recorded a peak of inflation of 54.6% in the month of June, breaking a new record for the ninth consecutive month. To grant financial aid, the International Monetary Fund asks Colombo to contain price rises and curb corruption.


Upon his arrival at the Ashgabat airport to participate in the Caspian Summit, Putin was not received by any authority. The other heads of state were received with the traditional offering of “bread and salt” and bouquets of flowers. The Russian president walked to his car alone. It is not known if it is an offense from the Turkmen side or if it is an order from Putin, who does not want to have contacts with people outside his circle or abroad.


In Gomel, police dispersed people taking part in “Birthday Day” in a city park, an event organized for the children of refugees from Ukraine by a group of volunteers. The agents detained one of the organizers, Alla Korolenko. A prize-giving ceremony and games were planned at the demonstration, including a “dove of peace” drawing contest.

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