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Spain will increase capital in the Development Bank of Latin America

Spain will increase capital in the Development Bank of Latin America

He Council of Ministers of Spain gave the green light to the capital increase of the CAF – Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbeanfor a value of 269 ​​million euros.

This amount, as CAF explained, is the vehicle for Spain may have a greater participation and leadership in this international institution.

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The trust that Spain places in CAF allows us to continue working on our commitment to improve the quality of life of all Latin American and Caribbean people, through actions that contribute to the green transition, regional integration and sustainable growth. Without a doubt, it is great news for Spain and for CAF, since it further strengthens our historical ties of more than 20 years of work for the development of the region.“, he claimed Sergio Díaz-Granados, Executive President of CAF.

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Both the entity and the European country will continue to strengthen relations between the two regions in September 2023, when both parties meet in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela for the first meeting of the 27 finance ministers from the European Union and their 33 peers from Celac.

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In this meeting, the advancement of the investment agenda and the list of projects to promote development and cooperation between Latin America and Europe.

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In March 2022, CAF’s Board of Directors approved by consensus the tenth capital strengthening of the entity, with a capital increase for a total amount of 7,000 million dollars, the highest in the institution’s history to date.


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