Spain responds to Mali that “at no time” has it requested a NATO intervention in the country

Spain responds to Mali that "at no time" has it requested a NATO intervention in the country


The Spanish Government has assured that “at no time” has it requested a NATO intervention in Mali, in response to the summons of the Spanish ambassador by the Bamako authorities to request clarification of a few words from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, on the reality of the southern flank of the Atlantic Alliance on the African continent.

The Malian Foreign Minister, Abdoulaye Diop, announced late yesterday the summons of the Spanish diplomat, José Homero Gómez, on the comments made by Albares during the Madrid summit, in relation to the possibilities of the operational capacity of the southern flank of NATO in the face of the threat of jihadism in the Sahel or the expansion of the Russian presence.

Diop understood these comments as a possible threat to the integrity and sovereignty of Mali, where the Western community suspects that Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group are helping the current military junta that governs the country.

In response, the Spanish ambassador has assured the Malian authorities on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that “Spain has not requested, during the summit or at any other time, any intervention, mission or any type of action in Mali from the Alliance”, Foreign sources assure Europa Press. The Embassy of Spain in the African country subsequently ratified these same comments through an official statement.

During their meeting, the ambassador took the opportunity to “reaffirm the deep ties of friendship and cooperation and friendship with Mali”, as well as his commitment to “continue promoting peaceful and friendly relations with Mali”.

After this exchange, Diop has posted on Twitter that he has had a telephone conversation with Albares. “He has denied and expressed his attachment to friendly relations and cooperation with Mali,” he said.

Also during the last few hours, the person in charge of Foreign Affairs of Mali for strategies in the Sahel, Abdoulaye Tounkara, and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Global Affairs of Spain, Ángeles Moreno Bau, have held a technical conversation, as reported by the Malian Foreign Ministry, without giving further details.

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