Somali President Declares “Total” War Against Al Shabaab

Somali President Declares "Total" War Against Al Shabaab

Aug. 23 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The president of Somalia, Hasan Sheikh Mohamud, announced on Tuesday the start of a “total” war on the terrorist group Al Shabaab, responsible for the assault on Friday against a Mogadishu hotel that left at least 21 dead.

The president has led a meeting of the main security authorities and, in his first public statement since the attack on the Hayat Hotel, has advocated launching a fight without quarter against a group that continues to control areas of southern and central Somalia.

“Al Shabaab is like a poisonous snake that gets into your clothes. There is no other possible solution than to kill it before it kills you,” summarized the president, who until now had not ruled out the possibility of negotiating with the terrorist organization, according to Garowe Online.

Friday’s attack, which lasted several hours and sparked a wide-ranging police operation, is the first of its magnitude since Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took office in early June. He had already held this same position on another occasion, between 2012 and 2016.

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