Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, in critical condition after being shot in the abdomen

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, in critical condition after being shot in the abdomen

He Prime Minister of Slovakiathe pro-Russian Robert Fico, is in critical condition after get shot in the abdomen after a meeting of his Government. The attacker was arrested by the Police after the attack and the prime minister was taken in very serious condition aboard a helicopter to a hospital. The Slovak Government has confirmed that his life is in danger.

The attack occurred when Fico left the Handlova culture housein the center of the country, where his Government, formed by left-wing populists and ultranationalists, had held a meeting, according to the newspaper Dennik N.

A individual opened fire with at least four shots during a Fico conversation with a group of citizens at the doors of the building, according to the media Slovak Spectator. The first Minister fell to the ground and his security team transferred him to a vehicle to take him to a hospital. He attacker was arrested For the police.

The outgoing president of Slovakia, Zuzana Caputová, has condemned the brutal attack, wishing Fico a speedy recovery. I’m shocked. I wish Roberto Fico a lot of strength at this critical moment to recover from the attack,” he declared.

As revealed to EL ESPAÑOL by military commanders of the NATOhe assassination attempt occurred 80 kilometers away of the military base run by the contingent of the Spanish Armed Forces since this past January.

Fico, the ‘new Orbán’

Thanks to your pro-Russian and anti-American speechFico, at the head of the populist social democratic party Smerwon the early legislative elections in Slovakia on September 30 of last year.

[Eslovaquia se une a la ola nacionalista en Europa: “Hay problemas mayores que la guerra en Ucrania”]

The populist leader, who already He was twice Prime Minister of Slovakia and to which many compare the Hungarian Viktor Orbánpromised during the campaign that if he came to power again would cut military aid to Ukraine and would strengthen its ties with Russia.

Fico also showed his opposition to the EU sanctions on Russiaquestioned whether Ukraine is capable of expelling the invading Russian troops and has set itself the goal prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

Since coming to power, the Fico Government has given a radical shift in foreign policy from the country, stopping supplying weapons to Ukraine and ensuring that kyiv is partly responsible for the war caused by the Russian invasion, and advocating for a negotiation with Russia to end the conflicteven without guarantees of territorial integrity for Ukrainians.

Furthermore, it has undertaken controversial measuresas the elimination of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, and others who remember the media and NGO control policies carried out by the ultranationalist Orbán Government in Hungary, which has generated criticism within the EU for violating the rule of law.

In one of his first statements after his victory in last year’s legislative elections, Fico stated that Slovakia has “bigger problems than the Ukraine question,” such as energy prices and the cost of living.

Until his victory, Slovakia had unconditionally supported Ukraine since Russia invaded in February 2022, supplying weapons and opening borders to refugees fleeing the war.

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