Shark SUV, the electric jeep with square wheels

Shark SUV, the electric jeep with square wheels

It is as if the wheels have melted in the scorching summer heat, or in the fire. But no, they are like that…

A couple of years ago, the company Shark Wheel presented some wheels that he baptized with the name of Shark Wheelsbecause they are shaped like their jaws.

These wheels have three rubber bands that undulate around the rimgiving rise to a curious square wheel. But thanks to that ripple the vehicle rolls completely smoothlyas if the wheel were round.

Shark Wheel applied this invention to some models of skateboards, and now presents Shark SUV and Shark UTV, two electric vehicles for children with square wheels. You can see how they work in this video:

What is the reason for using these curious wheels?

According to Shark Wheel, the corrugation of the tires makes the vehicle grip better on sandy or wet terrain. In all the tests carried out on uneven terrain, the grip has always been better than the classic round wheels. This is a nice feature for a vehicle driven by children.

The Shark UTVs is a two-seater vehicle for children between 2 and 8 years old, while the Shark SUV It is a single seat, for children from 1 to 5 years old.

These may seem like very young ages to drive a battery-powered car, but if the child is very young can be controlled by an adult by remote control with a gamepad, and the child will believe that he drives it.

Both vehicles have a start stop button, and two speeds. Slow… and slower. safety first.

The Shark UTVs ride two 40 W electric motors, Meanwhile he Shark SUV It has two 35 W motors. Both have a 7 Ah battery, which offers ua autonomy of 45 minutes, and an 8-hour recharge.

A curious detail is that both vehicles boast an MP3 playerto load the children’s favorite songs.

If you are interested, they can be purchased via indiegogo. The Shark SUV cost €275Meanwhile he Shark UTVs go up to the 465 euros.

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