Russia denounces a Ukrainian attack on its territory with cluster bombs

Russia denounces a Ukrainian attack on its territory with cluster bombs

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The Russian authorities have denounced a Ukrainian attack with cluster bombs against the Belgorod region, in the west of the country and just 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, which has so far left no victims.

According to the region’s governor, Viacheslav Gladkov, the attacks have taken place in recent hours in the town of Zhuravlevka, the scene of the impact of “21 artillery shells and three cluster bombs”, as well as the attack by a drone.

There is no record of deaths or injuries in the region, the governor stated in his Telegram account, in a message published this Saturday.

The White House confirmed this week that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already used controversial cluster bombs supplied earlier this month by the US Administration on the battlefield.

Sending these bombs to the Ukrainian Army aroused criticism not only from Russia, but also from some Western powers allied with the United States and Ukraine, such as Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Banned in more than a hundred countries, these munitions work by releasing numerous smaller mini-bombs with a long range. It is feared that its use could lead to the mining of large areas.


On the other hand, the Russian governor of Crimea, Sergei Axionov, has reported an attack with Ukrainian drones that has caused a fire in an ammunition warehouse in Krasnogvardeiski, with no data on personal injuries for the moment.

However, the authorities have made the decision to evacuate the population within a radius of five kilometers and house them in temporary shelters.

“To minimize the risks, it has also been decided to suspend traffic on the Crimean railway,” Axionov explained on his Telegram channel.

Videos of a large fire and explosions can be heard on social networks, although their authenticity could not be verified.

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