Russia suspends traffic on the Crimean bridge for fear of a new attack

Ukraine bombs the Crimean bridge and advances on the Bakhmut

The Russian authorities today provisionally suspended traffic on the bridge over the Kerch Strait that unites the annexed crimean peninsula with mainland Russia for fear of a new Ukrainian attack like the one that occurred this Monday.

“The circulation of cars on the Crimean bridge has been provisionally suspended,” says the official channel of Telegram reporting on the situation on the bridge.

The note calls on the drivers and passengers of the cars that are on the bridge or in the control zone to remain calm and obey the instructions of the forces of order, reports efe.

[Ucrania bombardea el puente de Crimea y avanza en el frente de Bakhmut con rumbo a Mariúpol]

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelenskywarned on Friday that the Crimean bridge is a “hostile” infrastructure, built outside international law, so it “must be neutralized.”

The head of International Affairs of the Russian Duma or Chamber of Deputies, Leonid Slutski, considered today that these statements imply that Zelenski assumes his responsibility for “international terrorism.”

This is how the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, described the attack carried out on Monday against the bridge by two Ukrainian marine droneswhich also made it necessary to temporarily suspend road traffic.

Putin promised that Russia would respond “without fail” to kyiv and in recent days in retaliation the Russian army has shelled the port terminals of Ukraine in the Black Sea destroying, among other things, several shipments of grain destined for export.

Its about second attack against the infrastructure 19 kilometers long, inaugurated in May 2018 and which is made up of a dual structure, automobile and railway.

In October 2022, a truck loaded with explosives blew up on the bridge, killing five people and sparking a long-running Russian campaign of aerial bombardments targeting energy infrastructure across Ukraine.

On Monday, two people died on the bridge, a couple from Russia’s Belgorod region, while their 14-year-old daughter was injured.

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