Russia accuses Bulgaria of expelling some of its diplomats “by order of external forces”

Russia accuses Bulgaria of expelling some of its diplomats "by order of external forces"

June 29. () –

The Russian Foreign Ministry has denounced that the decision taken on Monday by the Bulgarian Government to expel 70 diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Sofia is a measure ordered by “external forces”.

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajarova, lamented that the decision came “from the political corridors of the Bulgarian government institutions” and that “it was not taken in the interest of Bulgaria or its citizens.” “This has been done by order from abroad, against the will, desire and aspiration of the Bulgarian people,” she said.

During a press conference, Zajarova has accused the “foreign forces” that have ordered the measure of trying to “confront” the nations of the old continent with the Russian Federation, using “false pretexts” for this, according to the news agency TASS.

“Under false pretexts they seek to pit European states against Russia, cynically manipulate non-independent governments and politicians and destroy everything that has been created on the European continent for decades,” the Russian diplomatic spokeswoman has disgraced.

The Bulgarian Parliament carried out a motion of censure against Kiril Petkov’s Executive a week ago, which has led to the Bulgarian President, Rumen Radev, starting a consultation process with the parliamentary groups on Monday to establish a new government.

In this context, Zajarova regretted that a Parliament “that has lost confidence” and a Government “that is withdrawing” have adopted the decision to expel Russian diplomats, something that, she warns, “deals a devastating blow to relations with Russia ” and to the bilateral dialogue.

“What they have not destroyed for so many years before, apparently, they considered it necessary to destroy now,” criticized the official, who has also warned that Moscow reserves the right to take political and diplomatic measures in retaliation, including those of an asymmetric nature.

Bulgarian authorities on Tuesday declared a total of 70 diplomats and representatives of the technical staff of the Russian Embassy in Sofia, as well as the consulate in Varna, ‘persona non grata’. Prime Minister Petkov argued that the Russian diplomats “have been identified as members of the special services.”

Finally, Zajarova has stressed that “no one can break the centuries-old cultural and spiritual ties” that unite both nations. “Sooner or later, common sense will prevail,” she has settled herself.

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