Rockstar would have canceled the remasters of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar would have canceled the remasters of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption

Years ago There are rumors about a possible remaster of both Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV, a couple of remasters that could have been good, especially in the case of the first for PC users, who today have to resort to emulation to play this title. Nevertheless, It seems that this will not happen based on the information we have been able to find today.

In 2019 an unofficial project appeared to make a remaster called Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Projecta project that would not last long before the launch of a cease and desist letter from Rockstarwho was apparently already working on it, a situation similar to that experienced by the modders of Grand Theft Auto III and San Andreas.

As we see in the tweet above, an Insider named Tez2 would have gotten information about the cancellation of these projects, and it seems that part of this decision would have to do with the poor reception of the Grand Theft Auto trilogythat we remember, was an absolute disaster and not because of the players, precisely.

Notably the Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition was created by Groove Street Games, instead of by Rockstar itself, something that was part of the problems that this trilogy had, since the studio adapted the title in its mobile version with several problems along the way, but a suitable version could have been created by Rockstar itself or any other studio the company has trusted in advance to do other quality work.

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Undoubtedly, supervising a project in such a poor way to the point of launching a product such as the Definitive Edition of Grand Theft Auto has several layers of blame, and it is that although it can be said that Groove Street Games did not do a good job with his adaptation of the game, the approval had to be given by Rockstar Games.

This gives both companies their share of the blame, because to do such a mediocre job, we can expect that the financing and development time that Groove Street Games received was not enough to make a proper adaptation, while the supervision work carried out by Rockstar Games was not typical of a company that was a pioneer in this type of game.

Finally, it is quite hypocritical to put as a reason that these two titles will not receive a remaster due to poor public receptionwell as expected, a remaster with clear performance and quality issues is never going to be liked by the publicespecially when those who were doing a good job without even asking for money were threatened with legal action, so it is clear that the morals that made Rockstar Games a reference study have become history.


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