Rian Ordóñez (Huawei Spain Product): "One of our obsessions is to always get the best technology"

Rian Ordóñez (Huawei Spain Product): "One of our obsessions is to always get the best technology"

BERLIN (GERMANY), July 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

huawei faces the second half of the year in Spain with the recent launch of three new devices and the confession that one of the company’s “obsessions” “is always getting the best technology.”

The new MateBook 16s and D16 laptops, along with the FreeBuds Pro 2 wireless headphones, have arrived or are accelerating their arrival in Spain. Now, the main objective of the brand for this year is for the customer “to see the good devices that Huawei products are”, according to the Product Manager of Huawei CBG Spain, Rian Ordonezin statements to Europa Press during his last presentation event in Berlin (Germany).

Ordonez recalls that “more than 53 percent of the workforce is dedicated to research and development”. A figure that supports the fact that one of the “obsessions” of the group “is to always get the latest and best technology for everyone.”

The roadmap of the brand in Spain is that “the user really discovers the benefits of our devices”. One of them is the MateBook 16s, which “is very much liked” even though it is aimed at “a somewhat more specific niche”.

In this sense, the person in charge of Product points out that it is “a device very designed for professionals who are committed to real quality, design, screen and the latest quality processors”. With these arguments on the table, Ordóñez anticipates that in his niche “It’s going to have an impressive capacity.”

One of the highlights of this laptop is its 16-inch FullView display. Ordóñez justifies this design decision because “the evolution of the market tends to 16 inches”. This is because “with the same 15-inch chassis it is possible to optimize the size of the workspace”.

Thanks to the size of the panel, the product manager believes that “the end customer is going to be able to work remotely wherever they are without having a companion monitor.

Beyond its size, Ordóñez also highlights the quality of the 16s screen, which he perceives as “one of the strongest points” of the team. On the one hand, he has “the ultra-reduced frames, which are already Huawei’s flagship”. And on the other, the color quality of the screen, which he says is “really true.”

Another aspect that the person in charge highlights is the ‘touchpad’, which is now “much larger” and “is perfect for jobs that require a lot of movement”. Along with the processor IntelCore 12th generation H-series with the certificate EVOOrdóñez defends that the 16s is “a very complete device”.

At the ‘software’ level, the person in charge has highlighted the Super Device function as “one of the main points or most premium features that gives this device a lot of value”. Ordóñez has assured that he works with her “day to day” and has helped him to “greatly optimize” her productivity.

The 16s introductory offer gives the user an 11-inch MatePad tablet with the Type Cover. Ordóñez acknowledges that it is a proposal “super aggressive” which, at the same time, is the one that makes “the most sense for the end user because it can complement their experience to the highest level”.


The second laptop launched by the Chinese manufacturer is the MateBook D16. This machine is aimed at a wider audience, such as families and the office automation sector, thanks, among other features, to the integration of a numeric keypad on the side. The person in charge has admitted that it is a “much more convenient” incorporation for these users.

Ordóñez’s expectations about the MateBook 16s and the MateBook D16 are high, since he describes them as “two very round products, each one in its segment”, and therefore he hopes that they will enjoy “a good reception because they are very complete”.


The third great of Huawei are the FreeBuds Pro 2 that the directive has defined as “the all-terrain”. A qualification that is due, in addition to the improvement in sound quality and noise cancellation, to the fact that it has resistance to water. Ordóñez has assured that thanks to this “nothing happens if you are doing sports because they are also ‘in-ear’, so you can be running without a problem”.

Beyond this, Ordóñez highlights three sections of this device. One is ergonomics, since they are “super-adaptive” headphones, since when you put them on you lose the feeling of wearing them and they are not annoying to your ears.

Another aspect that Huawei’s directive highlights is the size of the box and, therefore, of the battery, which “is super-optimized despite the fact that the case is smaller.” Finally, Ordóñez also highlights the “amazing” acoustic quality of the FreeBuds Pro 2 “thanks to the collaboration with Devialet” and noise cancellation, whose levels allow “a totally immersive and encapsulated experience.”

Precisely, Ordóñez admits that Huawei is “very proud” of its alliance with Devialet. The company helps “a lot to grow as a brand” to the Chinese, in addition to “making quality devices”. In the future, the person in charge of Product believes that they will continue “on that line”.

Headsets were Huawei’s most exuberantly growing business area in 2021, at 69 percent. Ordóñez has highlighted that consumers are “very happy with the sound quality and Huawei headphones” which “has been reflected in market growth”, a fact that they hope to repeat with the FreeBuds Pro 2, because they are “ultra-competitive and of the highest quality”, and understand that “They are having a great reception, which will be reflected in the volume of sales”.

Looking to the future, although this first release of the FreeBuds Pro 2 has not incorporated wireless charging, mainly due to its compact size, Ordóñez concedes that “It’s something that’s on the table.”

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