Raspberry Pi Pico W: the new version with WiFi breaks the price range and now only costs 6 euros


Last year Raspberry surprised us with the Pi Pico, its first own microcontroller and an ultra low price. However, it had a fairly obvious problem: it did not offer WiFi connectivity as some higher models do. Now that changes. The new Raspberry Pi Pico W is what many may be looking for: an ultra cheap Raspberry but capable of connecting to the internet.

Inside we have the RP2040 microcontroller, manufactured with TSMC transistors in 40 nanometers and which adds two ARM Cortex M0 at 133 MHz, along with 264 kB of SRAM memory. It will not be the most powerful device, but enough for us to program all kinds of crazy systems and projects.

A Raspberry Pi with WiFi for 6 euros

The figures offered by Raspberry are quite good. Since its launch, they have sold two million Raspberry Pico. Now, with the addition of WiFi, they have the possibility of further expanding that figure. Because make no mistake, having WiFi greatly expands the possibilities.

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Raspberry describes that its new model is ideal for the Internet of Things, because it has WiFi connectivity and because it is very low cost. Enough for whoever wants to play around to buy one and have it connected somewhere. The new Raspberry Pi Pico W offers 802.11n connectivity and full pin backwards compatibility with higher models.

In addition to the WiFi 4 chip, the Raspberry Pi Pico W offers 2 MB flash storage and a micro USB port. Its official dimensions are 51 millimeters high by 21 mm wide. At the programming level, the operation is the same as the previous models. The new Raspberry Pi supports C and comes with MicroPython installed.

Raspberry Up Down

Its price? 6 dollars, what in Spain you can buy it for less than 6 euros without VAT. Along with this model there are also two additional versions, the Pico H and the Pico WH, which will be priced at 5 and 7 dollars respectively.

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