Ramaphosa sworn in for second term as South African president

Ramaphosa sworn in for second term as South African president

June 19 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, was sworn in this Wednesday for a second term at the head of the African country, a speech in which he promised to work to “heal the divisions of the past” and “overcome the inequalities of the present”, after a coalition agreement that allows him to retain his position after his party, the African National Congress (ANC), lost its absolute majority in Parliament for the first time since the end of Apartheid.

“In the presence of all those gathered here and in fulfillment of the high call, I assume office as President of the Republic of South Africa,” he said during the inauguration, in which he promised “to be faithful to South Africa and to obey, respect , comply with and maintain the Constitution and the rest of the laws of the republic”.

“I solemnly and sincerely promise to promote everything that advances the republic and oppose everything that could harm it, to protect and promote the rights of all South Africans, to carry out my duties with all the strength and talent, within my knowledge and capabilities and being sincere with the dictates of my conscience, do justice for all and dedicate myself to the well-being of the republic and all its people,” he added.

Likewise, he added that “neither discord nor dissent will make us leave aside what calls us to build a united, free, fair, egalitarian and prosperous nation.” “We have the sacred duty to unite the people of South Africa. We affirm that history has placed on our shoulders the responsibility of transforming our country into a society without racism and sexism,” she said.

“We affirm our determination to build a more egalitarian and supportive society. We affirm our determined pursuit of building a growing and inclusive economy that offers opportunities and livelihoods to all people,” he stressed, according to a series of excerpts from the speech published through of your account on social network X.

“We rededicate ourselves to the task of democratic renewal and social and economic transformation so that no one is left behind,” said Ramaphosa, who was re-elected by Parliament on Friday following a coalition agreement between the ANC and the Democratic Alliance formations. and the Inkatha Freedom Party.

Ramaphosa has become the first ANC leader to need the support of other parties to be elected, after the historic party obtained only 40 percent of the seats after last month’s elections, losing the parliamentary majority it had held since the end of Apartheid in 1994, when Nelson Mandela became President.

The official results of the elections on May 29 confirmed the debacle of the ANC, which lost its parliamentary majority for the first time in the country’s 30 years of democratic history. The government party won 159 seats after collecting 40.18 percent of votes while, behind, the Democratic Alliance (AD) won 87 seats and 21.8 percent support.

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