Putin urges intelligence agents to focus on obtaining data that could threaten Russia

Putin urges intelligence agents to focus on obtaining data that could threaten Russia

July 1 () –

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday urged the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service to focus on obtaining data that could threaten Russia, on the occasion of the centenary of “Russian illegal intelligence.”

The Kremlin president has stressed that it is important to see the general picture and anticipate events in order to obtain timely information on potentially dangerous “military and geostrategic” plans for Russia, as reported by the TASS news agency.

On the other hand, Putin has blamed the West for using the Ukrainian people in geopolitical games, at a meeting at the headquarters of the Foreign Intelligence Service dedicated to the centenary of illegal Russian intelligence.

“In its actions, the so-called collective West starts from the fact that there is no alternative to its model of liberal globalism. However, let’s call things by their name: this model is nothing more than a new version of neo-colonialism and a new order. American-style world championship for the chosen ones, in which the rights of others are simply trampled underfoot,” the Russian president stressed.

Thus, he stressed that “it is clearly illustrated by the fate of many countries and nations in the Middle East and other regions of the world, as well as millions of people in Ukraine, whom the West cynically uses as material for consumption in geopolitical games aimed at contain Russia.

Putin has denounced again this Thursday that the Ukrainian policies against the population in the Donbas region represent “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”, while calling for “flexible legal regulations” to address the main international problems.

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