PS5 trick to activate PS Remote Play and play from any device

PS5 trick to activate PS Remote Play and play from any device

PS Remote Play is a function of PlayStation that allows gamers to stream and play their games PS5 from any compatible device that is connected to the broadband network or has a mobile data connection. This feature allows gamers to pause their game on the console and then continue playing from the exact point where they left off on any other device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To use this function, you just need to download the application PS RemotePlay on the device they want to use. Once installed, they can link their account PlayStation and your console PS5. After that, they will be able to pause their game on console and continue playing from the selected device, keeping their game progress and location intact.

Here we share a detailed guide with all the steps.

  • You must have the PS Remote Play application installed on the device you want to play, it can be a smartphone, tablet or even your computer.
  • Your PlayStation 5 must be on or in sleep mode.
  • Your PlayStation 5 and your device must be connected to the same internet network.
  • Use the same PlayStation account on your console and on your device.

To activate PS Remote Play

  1. On your PlayStation 5, you must go to: Settings> System> Remote Play and check the box that says “Activate Remote Play”.
  2. Then click on “Link device” and save that number by taking a picture of it or writing it down somewhere.
  3. Download the PS Remote Play app which is free from the AppStore or Play Store, and sign in with the same PlayStation Network account that you have registered on your PlayStation 5.
  4. It is possible that when you open the application your PlayStation will appear to connect in a blue box, if not, you must enter “Other Connections > Select the type of console >” and you must enter the number you noted in point two.
  5. If you wish, you can link your control with your device, this is optional, but it will allow you to enjoy the experience better.

To link your controller you must press the PlayStation button (located between the two joysticks) and the Share button (located on the left side) at the same time, until the light starts blinking. It should appear in the available Bluetooth devices on your device and it will be connected.

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