Pokémon GO: what are routes and how does the mechanic change the game?

Pokémon GO: what are routes and how does the mechanic change the game?

Pokémon GO It has always been characterized by having new content so that gamers don’t give up and others join the experience. In this way, Community Days arrived, an event where everyone must take to the streets to be able to capture a particular creature, while enjoying various bonuses to gain extra experience.

We have reached the middle of 2023 and a mechanic has been introduced that promises to change how Pokémon GO is played. It is about “Routes”, a way to become a guide for those new players who have just taken to the streets to capture Pokémons.

What are Pokémon GO routes?

It’s time to head off into the horizon and discover a new way to adventure with Pokémon GO. We are excited to announce a new feature that will be available starting today: Routes! To celebrate the launch of the Routes, we are hosting a new event called Opening Paths.

Additionally, the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde, known as the Balance Pokémon, will debut in Pokémon GO in the special research story, All About Zygarde. It seems that Zygarde has something to do with the Routes…”, details the developer company about this change.

The community will be able to leave a route that was beneficial to them, either because they found a particular creature or because there are many PokéStops nearby that will allow them to recharge several Pokéballs along the way after their adventure.

To celebrate the arrival of the tool, there will be a surprise debut. Zygarde will start to appear in the different routes that the community is sharing.

wild encounters

  • growlithe
  • Ponyta
  • doduo
  • lillipup
  • blitzle
  • Yungoos


event bonuses

  • Two thirds of the distance to get Candy by exploring Routes with your partner.
  • More likely to find a Shiny Yungoos.

Field Research Homework Encounters

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