PlayStation announces “Project Q”, a portable console that will use the stream of your PS5

PlayStation Showcase 2023: What games would be featured at Sony's mid-year conference?

Playstation Showcase 2023 It has come to an end and as expected, the best came at the end of the event. Sony kicked off its mid-year conference with the introduction of a new triple-A called Fairgames, which seems to be inspired by the Watchdogs saga and will be helmed by Haven Studios.

Then we would see other titles like Helldivers 2, Ghostrunner 2, Phantom Blade 0, Marvel’s Spider-Man, among others. However, the big announcement seems to have been the new console peripheral. PS5one that few expected.

Just days after the start of the event, a controller was leaked that could be connected to your cell phone to presumably enjoy games on your console. However, “Project Q” is something completely different than expected.

Presentation of “Project Q”

It is a DualSense controller with an integrated eight-inch screen that allows you to stream games from your PS5 and enjoy them remotely. The curious thing about this proposal is that unless you have some form of data reception, it will be impossible to take the device out of the house, since it would stop working.

At the moment, Sony keeps the details of its operation in reserve, since the product does not yet have a name. It is only known that it will go on sale sometime in 2023 and that it will allow you to play via stream.

As detailed in the conference, it would also have all the systems of a traditional DualSense. So it is expected that it will also integrate the haptic vibration system and all the buttons of the usual control of the console.

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