Google Play Games for PC in beta arrives in Spain

May 25. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google Play Games for PC has arrived this wednesday to Spain and other European countries, where it already allows users to access Android games from a computer, to play with a mouse and keyboard.

Google Play Games for PC has been extended to 40 other countries from Europe and New Zealand, among which is Spain, as reported by the technology company through its Twitter profile. It is currently in a beta phase.

This service was announced at the end of January last year for South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the first three countries that were able to access its beta, after learning that Google was working on this native app during the Game Awards 2021.

With it, users can play more than a hundred titles developed for Android on a Windows computer, on a larger screen, with optimized graphics and keyboard and mouse.

This service also sync game progress and librarysince they are linked to a Google account, which allows you to switch between mobile and computer to continue the game from where you left off.

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