PlatinumGames announces new game starring a waifu and an onion

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PlatinumGames is one of the most prolific and renowned studios in the video game industry. The company has just released a new game of Bayonetta and is working on Project G.G.but just revealed a new game.

You might be thinking this is a joke because it’s Fools Day in April, but it’s completely real: PlatinumGames just revealed a new game, it’s going to be arcade, action, and starring a waifu and an onion.

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Is the new PlatinumGames game real?

As we told you last year, the Japanese studio was interested in working on retro games, which is why it created the collection NEO-CLASSIC ARCADEwhich would explore different genres from the golden age of video games.

The first release was sun cresta kind of spiritual sequel to moon crest and Terra Crestwhich debuted last year.

It was anticipated that this collection would consist of 10 titles with the remainder coming later.

PlatinumGames usually makes announcements for this line of classic games in the middle of Fools Day in April, so many don’t take it seriously or consider it a joke, but it’s not like that, it’s a real project.

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What is the new PlatinumGames game about?

And for this year, PlatinumGames offered a novelty in this regard and announced the next game of NEO-CLASSIC ARCADE, which will star NEGI (an onion) and Pt Shirogane (the mascot and official VTuber of the Japanese studio). The code name is Volume 5 Pt Spectacular Side-Scrolling Action.

It was anticipated last year that the next game in the collection would be Volume 2 Galactic Badass Beat ‘Em Up Action, which, as its name indicates, would be an exponent of the beat ’em up genre. But apparently there was a change of plans.

We say this because instead of introducing beat ’em up game news, NEGI onion and Pt Shirogane appeared on a broadcast to reveal their own game and thanks to the short video we can see their vibrant lights, chibi aesthetics and in pixel and its action in horizontal scrolling.

“Pt Shirogane is a girl with a digital lifestyle born in a corner of the PlatinumGames office warehouse. To fulfill my dream of becoming a game hero, I study Platinum Games and the game industry every day. Her quotes My favorites are ‘~Muzu’ and ‘You know?’ Currently, I’m broadcasting a YouTube show with my partner, electronic brain NEGI, talking about PlatinumGames and video games,” describes herself Pt Shirogane, who has a YouTube channel along with NEGI, as well as a Twitter account.

No further details about the game were provided, so we don’t know when it will be available or what platforms it will arrive on. We will keep you informed.

What do you think of this PlatinumGames title? Do you think it’s real? Tell us in the comments.

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