Pokémon GO shares all the details about the Fool’s Day event

April Fools comes to Pokémon GO.  Photo: Niantic

Title Pokémon GO It has different events scheduled for the following days. Community Day, for example, will start on April 15 from 2 to 5 in the afternoon and Togetic will appear more frequently.

Another of the surprise events in April is April Fools or Joke Day. “We have an emergency! This is going to be a feathery mess. Over the years, Trainers have been transferring Pokémon to Professor Willow’s lab.

Maybe too many. It seems that the Pidgey’s cages are no longer secure and they have started to break out!”, details Niantic on the official blog.

April Fools comes to Pokemon GO

April Fools comes to Pokémon GO. Photo: Niantic

On Saturday, April 1, Pidgey will appear in a wild way with the particularity that you will have unusual sizes: XXS and XXL. Also, if you are lucky, you will be able to capture a shiny or variocolor version.

Regarding the special investigation of Professor Willow, Niantic announced that on the same Saturday from 3 to 12 at night it will recruit all the trainers. There will also be a new encounter in the Field Research tasks.

It will be like a special Community Day dedicated to gaining experience. Remember that Pidgeys are not that difficult to catch, so it is a common creature in the strategies to reach the highest level of the game.

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