Patri Guijarro does not see himself “today” playing the World Cup with the national team

June 5 () –

FC Barcelona midfielder Patricia Guijarro admitted on Monday that “today” she does not see herself playing with the Spanish team in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next month, although she does not take her absence for granted because she is still “emotionally hungover”. for winning the Champions League last Saturday.

Patri Guijarro is one of the 15 footballers who requested not to be called up by the women’s national coach Jorge Vilda for not having the necessary conditions for it. Next Monday, June 12, the Madrid coach will offer his list to prepare for this World Cup.

“Not today, but I also have an emotional hangover because we just won the Champions League, we’ll see,” Patri Guijarro, one of the outstanding players in the Champions League final, responded to the program ‘El món a RAC1’ with her two goals in a couple of minutes that equalized the final against Wolfsburg.

The 25-year-old from the Balearic Islands made it clear that “any player wants to play with her team”, but she was not very optimistic about whether there was any change with respect to the situation revealed last September. “The truth is that I don’t know what to say, but not at the moment,” she settled.

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