Orlando Bloom makes Instagram sweat with some videos showing everything Katy Perry eats

Orlando Bloom - Instagram

Orlando Bloom He demonstrated in his recent publication that age is not an impediment to looking sexier than any young man. At 45 years old, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor raised the temperature on Instagram by showing off his athletic body during an intense day of training.

Sweaty, red from hard work and wearing only short shorts, Katy Perry’s fiance let his bare chest and arms be the stars of the clip that left many of his followers dry-mouthed.

Orlando Bloom – Instagram

In his description, the actor made it very clear that he practically owes his life to exercise, since, as he explained on his Instagram account, at the age of 19 he broke his back and the forecasts at that time were not favorable, since he was told that I would never walk again.

“I broke my back when I was 19 years old and they said I would never walk again,” he wrote in the description of his publication where he shows how he has drawn strength during all these years for his recovery.

In 2005, in an interview for GQ magazine, Bloom explained in more detail about this accident.

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“When you experience the kind of physical pain that I went through, you realize that you are not a god, that there are limits to what you can do. It keeps you real. I can walk. I can enjoy a swim in the sea and a beautiful day and I was very close to not having that”, he commented on that occasion.

The years have passed and the actor shows his vitality and the successful career he has had, as well as in his personal life. Currently, together with Perry, Orlando enjoys his one-year-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom and Flynn Christopher Bloom, the son he had with his ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom - Instagram
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom – Instagram

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