order the closure of the newspaper of Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize

Other news of the day: The United States sanctions five Chinese companies, accused of supporting the Russian military industry. Covid-19: drug shortage in North Korea. Religiously motivated violence in the Indian state of Rajasthan. More than 300,000 people have been killed in Syria since the start of the conflict. They arrested a Russian lawyer who opposes the war against Ukraine. Crisis in Georgia after the EU’s rejection of the request for candidate country status.


Philippine authorities ordered to close Rapplerthe newspaper of Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa, for irregularities in its funding model. Rappler is one of the few newspapers that criticizes President Rodrigo Duterte, who will leave office tomorrow to Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Ressa rejects the charges and announces that he will challenge the order in court.


The Biden administration added five Chinese companies to the blacklist of companies doing business with Russia. The indicted companies are accused of supporting Moscow’s military and defense industry, a target of Western sanctions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Amid a wave of Covid-19 infections, Sinuiju residents are unable to shop medicines. North Koreans have always struggled to stock up on pharmaceuticals, but the pandemic crisis and subsequent border closures have exacerbated the already chronic shortage.


The murder of a Hindu at the hands of two Muslims triggered episodes of religiously motivated violence in the state of Rajasthan. Two assailants beheaded the victim, whom they blamed for having supported the offensive words of a BJP politician – Prime Minister Modi’s nationalist party – against the Prophet Muhammad.


According to UN estimates, the Syrian conflict has already caused the death of 306,887 civilians, who represented 1.5% of the population before the outbreak of the conflict 11 years ago. This represents an average of 83 deaths per day, including 18 children.


In the Russian Republic of Udmurtia, located beyond the Urals, Dmitry Talantov, the defense attorney for journalist Ivan Safronov, was arrested on charges of revealing military secrets about Russian mercenaries in Africa to the Czechs. Talantov posted a post on Facebook against the Russian bombs dropped on the commercial center of the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk. In the post, he wondered: “Is this denazification or fascism?”


In Georgia, the debates and protests do not stop for not having obtained the status of a candidate for the European Union. The opposition calls for a change of government, alleging that the current team, led by Iraklij Garibašvili of the Georgian Dream, will never be able to fulfill the 12 conditions demanded by the EU. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is optimistic.

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