Old Pokémon cards found in construction debris

Old Pokémon cards found in construction debris

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the fever for Pokemon It hasn’t stopped and has been going for more than 20 years, however it has recently become a craze in terms of collectible products, cards being one of the most valuable and subject to speculation; in fact, there are cards so rare that they can sell for millions of dollars. Hence, the news related to these cards stand out on networks and forums, such as the case of a construction worker in the United States.

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A piece of card history Pokemon was finally released

A worker who usually shares some curious and interesting things about his workday on TikTok caught the attention of fans of Pokemon after showing your find. What happens is that when she went to dismantle a branch of the North American pharmacy CVS, she found under a shelf a package of letters from Pokemon and although he is not that familiar with the franchise, he knows that these types of objects can be very valuable.

Apparently this package belonged to some worker decades ago and for whatever reason, it slid all the way down to the floor and the only chance of access was by dismantling the shelf. When showing the package, the community noticed that it was Series 2 of the official trading cards of the TOPPS brand, a print run that precedes the start of Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Realizing that they were not cards related to those that can reach a great value, this worker did not give them so much importance, but the community pointed out that some could be negotiated well in the collectors’ market and more so if it is an original print run, although of course they will not reach the stratospheric figure of some pieces.

Since we’re talking about Pokemonwe remind you that today within the framework of gamescom 2022 a collaboration between Mini and the franchise was announced for the presentation of an electric vehicle inspired by Pikachu.

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