Nathy Peluso defied censorship and Nico Occhiato made a hot comment

Nathy Peluso defied censorship and Nico Occhiato made a hot comment

Nathy Peluso He managed to break a record of likes in a matter of minutes, after having shared the daring look he used for the Jacquemus parade. In the front row of the event, she succumbed to the comments with her transparencies that revealed even the most hidden.

However, it was not only because of social networks that it was successful, but also among other well-known figures in the environment who were speechless when they saw it! One of them was Nico Occhiatohost of the program “No one says anything” on Luzu TV.

“They are talking about Nathy Peluso’s nipple”launched Occhiato as soon as the program began. “Nice Concrete Nipple”, retorted Flor Jazmín Peña, panelist of the program and famous dancer from Argentina. But the confession about how much Nico Occhiato had liked to see Nathy Peluso with transparencies came from another partner.

“You (Occhiato) told me that they were the most beautiful nipples you saw in your life, you just told me out of the air”Nacho sent Nico to the front, revealing what he thought when he saw the commented photographs.

The photos of Nathy Peluso defying the limits with transparencies

The famous singer Nathy Peluso knew how to hit the nail on the head when choosing a look that was striking enough to defy censorship, but always taking care not to appear too grotesque! Her touch has been known to give the shape of her dress, enhancing each of her beauties.

Did Nico Occhiato dare to send her a private message flattering her in the same way that he did it off the air with his friend?

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