Musical premieres of the week: Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro celebrate their relationship in “RR”; Alejandro Sanz and Danny Ocean launch their collaboration “Correcaminos”

( ) – Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro lead our musical premieres of the week with the joint project that they titled “RR”.

Also, Alejandro Sanz and Danny Ocean can finally say they have a collaboration together. The list also includes Jesús Mendoza, Myke Towers, Valeria Castro, among others.

In Zona Pop we compile some of the most outstanding premieres. Check out the list of these music releases and their videos.

Music releases of the week

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, “RR”

Recently, we have listened to many spiteful songs and some of them have been part of our list of musical releases. But this week love leads our compilation: it is precisely that of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro.

The singer-songwriter couple presented a three-song EP titled “RR”, one for each year of courtship.

“For us it’s always love first and everything else second, but this time we’ve skipped everything so we can finish ‘RR’ and share it with the world. After more than three years, these three songs are here and every one of them belongs to a different stage of love,” Rosalía said in a statement.

“We always knew that we wanted to make music together. However, we were focused on our relationship. We had to find the right time for this project. I think three songs is not enough to express all my feelings towards her, so I’ll keep writing more. and more. We are very happy for this project. RR forever,” added Rauw Alejandro.

The surprise came ––and caused a revolution–– in the song “Beso”, in which Rosalía confirms her commitment to the Puerto Rican artist.

Alejandro Sanz and Danny Ocean, “Roadrunner”

Danny Ocean had been waiting for this moment for years: to be able to have a collaboration with Alejandro Sanz, one of his idols.

Last week, the artists presented “Correcaminos”. And this week the song is one of the main ones in our list of music premieres. It is a theme with which they invite their followers to be more like that character from the famous Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoon: carefree, living life no matter what “coyote” chases you.

“They call it work but ours is pure pleasure. Among the musical misdeeds, fetishes of my life, this one with Danny will be among my favorites. An artist with all the letters and all possible exclamation marks. An adventure of song in recognition to the roadrunner that we both carry inside and that has brought us here,” Sanz shared in a statement.

“Alejandro Sanz is my favorite artist, imagine being able to collaborate with your favorite artist on a song that you co-wrote with him. It’s magic. I don’t know how to describe it honestly. Beyond all the musical and artistic environment, the fact of being able to share personally with Alejandro is an honor and a blessing”, said Danny Ocean.

Myke Towers, “Life is One” (album)

Puerto Rican singer Myke Towers presented this week his fourth studio production, “You only live once” (Warner Music Latina).

The album marks a new stage in Towers’ career, in which, as a statement indicates, he moves away “from his most aggressive rap.” In its 23 songs, the production presents rhythms that promise to make you dance: from Afrobeat and reggae to pop.

In interview with Zane Lowe from Apple MusicTowers said that although musically the album points to global sounds, it still maintains the essence of his native Puerto Rico.

“This is global music, but with my island vibe. This is my essence. I can still rap. I have my bars. But this music is more global… you have to be genuine,” said the singer.

“I took a break and it helped me focus on creating the right way. I had put out a lot of songs and needed to take a step back because I want to be intentional with my releases and not do things to do,” Towers added in a statement. .

“Life is one” is available on the main platforms of streaming.

Valeria Castro, “with love and care” (album)

The singer Valeria Castro presented last week her first studio album, “with love and care”.

It is an album of 11 personal songs, which convey situations such as what the island of La Palma experienced after the volcanic eruption of Cumbre Vieja in 2021. That feeling of losing everything is reflected in “a home”, a song that opens with an account of the belongings that the lava of the volcano ate in its path.

Castro told media that this is an issue that is close to his heart because his grandmother lost her home to the volcano.

“A year and a half ago, a huge lump in my throat made me think that I was not going to be able to write more songs, that my sorrows were going to stay inside me and I was not going to know how to let them go, but luckily one day you realize that what has to happen happens and that all those sorrows are lightened if they are sung, ”he said Castro on his Instagram account about the production.

“This album contains what I’ve learned, what I’ve cried, everything I’ve felt: anger, grief, love, heartbreak, joy, sadness, but above all a lot of love and care,” he added.

Andrés Cepeda and Gusi, “It hurts”

We start this list with love and end it with spite to the sound of a bolero. That is the proposal of Andrés Cepeda and his collaboration with Gusi, “Duele”.

This is the first time the two have collaborated on a song. The song was composed by Gusi and Benji Cordero and “talks about a relationship that ends and the memory evokes the pain that arises from the absence of a loved one,” says a press release.

“When I composed this song, the first thing I thought was that it’s a perfect song to sing with Andrés, that image came to my head, I immediately sent him the demo and he happily accepted,” said Gusi.

Other notable musical premieres

BZRP and Archangel, “BRZP Music Sessions #54”

Maluma, Anuel AA, “Devil, what a chimba”

Jesus Mendoza, “I’m hurt”

Firm Group, Junior H, “Thundering leagues”

La Usurpadora, The Musical, “Life is a carnival”

Kevin Kaarl, “I love you so much”

Alé Araya feat. Joseph Chilliams, “Midnight Gospel”

Corina Smith, “x100”

León Leiden, “Happy Heartbreak Pt. 2”

Miss Caffeine, “For life”

Khea, “Eclipse”

Alex Cuba, “Aguita de coco”

J Noa, “They can’t stop me”

Santa Fe Klan feat. Russ, “I found you”

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