LAGOS explains why its collaboration with Reik "It’s not over until it’s over" it is so important in your career

( ) – The Venezuelan duo LAGOS presented in February their song “No se acaba hasta que se acabe”, a ballad with the Mexican band Reik.

The title of the song is a preview of the lyrics of the same, which is loaded with sincerity to what could –or not– be the decline of a relationship.

“We don’t know the end of the story, but we do know that you have to persevere, at least fight until the end, right? Sometimes it’s worth it. Well, I think it’s always worth it because at least you sleep in peace, that you tried everything you could. So yes, it’s a song that talks about not giving up, about trying. Even when things look complicated or uphill,” Luis Jiménez, vocalist and one of the halves of the group, tells Zona Pop group.

This theme could not count on another band better than Reik, known throughout Latin America for being part of the soundtrack of both love and spite.

LAGOS tells Zona Pop that the group got involved in the song during a session in which the Venezuelans were working on the next songs by the Mexicans.

“That was one day recording Jesus’ voice for another song. We already had it written and we showed it to him like, ‘Hey, how about this? How about this song we wrote?’ It’s for LAGOS, but hey, it would be great if someone wanted to sing it with us. And they loved it and Jesús (Navarro, Reik’s vocalist) recorded the voice and the rest of the story right there”, explains Agustín Zubillaga, the other half of LAGOS.

LAGOS’ collaboration with Reik was like “closing a circle”

Reik is one of those bands that has influenced not only their fans but also artists like LAGOS. Since 2005 the group has been releasing new music and they are one of the few that have been adapting to new trends and sounds.

That longevity in their careers means that Luis and Agustín have had an experience with Reik since before LAGOS was a group.

“For us it’s crazy,” says Jiménez.

“Agustín and I met when Reik played at my school (in Venezuela), that is, the day Agustín and I met, Reik was there and in fact he opened Los Mesoneros,” referring to the band that Jiménez also leads. , multi-nominated for the Latin Grammys.

“Life takes so many turns and now Agus and I have a project together and also together with them in a song. So for us it’s like a full circleJimenez says.

LAGOS has just finished a tour of southern Latin America, with its first performances in Chile and Argentina. However, they will continue to offer shows in the coming months.

  • April 29: Queretaro, Mexico
  • May 18: Bogota
  • may 19: Guatemala city
  • July 20th: Maracaibo Venezuela
  • July 21: Barquisimeto, Venezuela
  • July 22: Valencia, Venezuela
  • 28 of July. Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
  • July 29: Caracas
  • July 30: Merida, Venezuela
  • August 24: Miami
  • August 31: Mexico City

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